Monday the 2nd of January, 2017
Why, hello there!
It's been an awfully long time since I cuddled my lovely blog.
 I have missed it so.
But we are back together! For real this time!
So much has happened since my blog was a daily thing.
What seems like a lifetime ago, but other times it feels like yesterday, my bestest little buddy passed away.
My old mate, Jack.....
A heavy emptyness engulfed us.
And I didn't want to do my blog anymore.
Because my blog, my story, was all about him. I was so so sad.
We miss him still.
But decided not to get another dog, and probably won't any time soon. 
And what seemed like a very long time, life went on......
We took mini escapes to Melbourne,
a couple of times.
And celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary far away in Asia, where we visited Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand over a five week long ago.....

We also had lots of long weekends and little driving holidays close by, where Sam played lots of golf and I listened to the birds....
I had girly surgery twice,
and bought a pretty new bike, which I love just so!
And I gave up chocolate! Yes me! The biggest chocoholic that you ever did see! My day is now full of smoothies and bliss balls and salad! And I feel pretty good!
I met a new little friend,
which I named 'Fluffly Guts'
who would visit me daily and sing and sit with me and make my days just lovely.....he reminded me of Jack.....
And we want to live on a golf course more than ever........
And of course,
I am still a dreamer.
I have missed 'Little Nan'
It's good to be back.


Dad said...

Welcome back Little Nan xx

Little Nan said...

Good to be back Dad xox

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly this is the first of your blogs I've read...didnt realise you did this. Its great well done. Look forward to reading more Little Nan blogs xxx Simone

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