Being 5 months out of turning (about) 40(ish)
I was told I needed glasses to read.
I've always had good eyes,
probably the best in the family.....
But the last couple of years of looking up dream homes on the internet and blogging,
my poor old eyes have taken their toll.
And I really noticed my failing eyesight when trying to read maps on our overseas holiday recently,
and trying to squint at the little tablet we took with us instead of our slightly larger laptop.
My eyes were hurting.
So yesterday,
I picked up two pairs of,
if I say so myself,
quite stylish reading glasses that I got for the price of one.
They have inspired me to get off the laptop a little and start making time to get back into books.
Big chunky books that I can lose myself in,
curled up on the couch,
heater on.

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Miss Prudence said...

i found the same thing, new glasses made reading comfortable once again - enjoy your books!