Flowers for Friday
(for yesterday)
Our home is looking like a florist after the generosity from friends after the passing of our ever loyal dog Jack.
Missed desperately.
A couple of days ago we had to say goodbye to Jack and hug him one last time.....
It was sudden.
And the decision we had to make was awful.
It was heartbreaking.

I miss him so much.
I miss him desperately.
I am heartbroken
Flowers for Friday
Its been a long, long week.
And I'm looking forward to the long weekend.
Golly, I hope its long!
May your long weekend be slow!
Love Kelly xxx
'Things i Love.........'
A walk along the sand
and the quietness that it can provide

Sometimes its truly captivating
and each and every time,
I don't want to leave......
Slow Saturday......
Today was spent at Kiltynane Wines in Swan Bay on the Bellarine Peninsula,
where I caught up with the girls from work for lunch.....
A small boutique winery located at Basil's Farm,
with views to die for

Where we wandered through the vast Parterre Garden
and picked cherry tomatoes and were amazed by their fruity goodness

and sat under a gorgeous old fig tree
away from the heat of the day
and grazed along platters of beautiful produce from the farm

And as close friends chatted away,
I got lost in the dream of wishing it was my own....

Could have sat there all day
Doesn't hurt to dream...........