Flowers for Friday.....
A long time ago I took myself off to the lovely space of 'As Daisy Does' and did a workshop held by 'Clay By Tina' where I made this little 'vase'
Tina provided a couple of pots for us which we decorated any which way we pleased, with gorgeous Japanese transfer paper and beautiful coloured paints,
and strategically placed masking tape to create patterns and shapes
I made a little bowl and matching spoon too that was sit beside the stove at home, like a little pinch pot of sorts....
It was something I thoroughly enjoyed.
I went along with someone whom I admire her own creativity, and met other creative minded ladies....and even though it was busy and we chatted, most of the time I was absorbed in the quietness and the relaxing side of the process as I worked with my hands.
I am a person whose mind does not stand still, always thinking, always, always dreaming
but for the hours that we spent together in this beautiful space,
my mind was still.
There were some moments I was so engaged in what I was 'creating'
totally immersed in the clay
completely lost in something new
captivated in a new love,
my mind and everything around me was silent.
A lovely sound.
A lovely feeling.
I spent that night looking up where to buy clay, tools and a kiln!
I was hooked.
It is something I would love to do again.
I'm going to do a lot more workshops this coming year.
I want to escape the long days of the working week and surround myself in lovelyness........


Leanne Barnett said...

Beautiful creations- I think its a great idea to do more workshops -I love the idea of clay. said...

You are very talented! Thanks for sharing

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