'Slow Sunday......'
Yesterday after Sam had spotted a mouse run across the lounge room floor, I thought it best to pop out of the house for a while so it could find the trap we set for it.
So off to 'King Of The Castle Cafe' in Pako Street.
Sam had given me a voucher for my birthday recently and I was happy to spend time there with Nan and have a spot of brunch.
I had a beautiful Smoothie Bowl with banana, lemon, cranberries, raspberry crumble, black sesame seed and organic granola. It was gorgeous to look at and eat. 
I shared some with Nan.
She said it was yum.
Nan had Banana Bread with maple, raspberry compote and earl grey labneh. It looked amazing!
Nan said it was yum.
Nan did not share......
A 'let's waste some time so the mouse can be caught' stop at the Geelong Library. We ventured up to the fifth floor balcony to take in the view of our pretty town......
And after sitting downstairs by the window catching up on what the celebs of the world are doing,
it was time to (be brave) go home.
I had hoped the mouse had been caught so I (Nan) could (help me) dispose of it but the (bloody little) mouse was no where to be seen....
So after I bid Nan farewell,
I literally spent the next five hours outside (in the heat) until Sam came home (my next mouse catcher)
I did a few loads of washing,
I read all the papers,
I checked some Instagram,
it was pleasant really,
a beautiful day (outside) relaxing.
But I was a bit keen to pop inside and watch some trashy television, so the time had come to face that mouse!
I made loads of noise and vacuumed under and around the couches,
moving them all around the room.
I finally removed the real Christmas tree too.
(is that mouse poo in the basket??? Has it been living in the tree??)
Mouse no where to be seen.
(Nan did say that it would probably move to another room....shit.)
So a lengthy clean up in all the other rooms.
(Housework done. Tick.)
I needed chocolate......
Sam finally came home and checked the traps up in the roof.
Mouse caught!
Surely that was the one?
Surely he went up into the roof after running around in the lounge room all day? 
Well, that is what I am telling myself so I can sleep.
So after a (surprisingly) restful sleep, our day started with a lovely bike ride down the rail trail. It was quite hot and awfully dry, with the green hills replaced by yellow ones.
We went a little bit further and I am a whole heap sorer.
But exactly what I needed after a longish week at work.
Lunch together in town,
and a little bit of holiday booking on the internet afterwards.
(Just a little getaway....)
And now as I write on my little blog,
the heavens have opened up and with the window open and the cool breezes fly in,
I end my day listening to the rain fall.....

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