Here's a photo many, many years ago of my Nan and Pop's wedding day! When I was 6 years old (30 years ago!) Pop started taking his first grandchild (me!) to the football! We would catch the train in those days and I would always get in trouble cause I never ate the meat in a meat pie but Pop would buy me one every week anyway! I loved going to the football when I was younger and I still love going now!  When Geelong won the grand final in 2007, I raced to Nan and Pop's house and presented Pop with a Weg poster of the premiership team! I burst into tears and told Pop that when he introduced me to Aussie Rules Football and the Geelong Football Club....it was the best gift ever! Pop cried too! It was a lovely moment, one I will cherish forever! Exactly one year ago today, my Pop passed away suddenly, but peacefully. I don't know which was worst....watching Mum pass away slowly or Pop passing suddenly. Me and Nan still continue to go and watch the footy every week now! We love going to the footy. A whole day of catching up and talking lots!! The last couple of years have been pretty crappy and watching the footy was like our escape! Somewhere we could retreat to and not think about anything else! (And Geelong playing quite well and winning lots helped too!!) I miss my Pop alot and wish he too was still here.

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Pinecone Camp said...

What a sweet story! I have to tell you, it reminds me of my husband's stories about going to see his team, St.Kilda Saints with his family. I love the picture of your grandparents.
Have a great day.