I planted a row of iris, about ten, just by the front of our house almost 3 years ago. I had no idea of what color they were going to be and I was even thinking about pulling them out because they weren't flowering. Then at the start of this year, I was waiting for some results to see if I was carrying the stomach cancer gene, which runs in our family. After recieveing the good news that I do not, I noticed that one purple iris had flowered. Maybe it was a sign from my mum, telling me that everything would be okay! Not one other iris flowered! And since then, no more flowers! Until this week. Again I was waiting for some results. I suffer from endometriosis and have had surgery nine times in the past sixteen years to remove it. And it's been hard trying to fall pregnant. A month ago I had some surgery and could not remember speaking to my doctor afterwards. So I have had no idea why I had to stay in hospital overnight with a drainage tube. Then on Monday I visited my doctor and he informed me that I had a 6cm chocolate cyst inside my right ovary, that he successfully removed, along with lots of endo on that same side. And my ovary was saved too! My tubes are clear and he can not see any reason why I can not get pregnant. I came home that day and a purple iris had flowered! There is no sign of any more looking to flower! I would like to think that Mum is looking down on me and telling me that everything will be okay. And it will. I used to get sad that we might not have children and I am looking forward to travelling with Sam and paying our house off sooner and having pyjama days....I did ask Mum a long time ago to please send a little one down to me...maybe she can't find him or her. Maybe I'm here to see out my days with just me and Sam. (and Jack! And many other Jacks!) And you know what....I'm looking forward to growing old with the loves of my life!

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