Yesterday, Sams mum and his two sisters and myself, attended 'High Tea' at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne.

Everything was so La Dee Da. Very posh. The food was quite yummy and we ate until we couldn't eat anymore. We all ordered different pots of tea...I myself are not a tea drinker, but I will try anything once. I ordered a lotus flower infused pot of tea and we watched in wonderment of the flower opening up in the water. It was gorgeous!

It was a lovely afternoon, with lots of laughter!  So thankyou to Noelene, Kathryn and Angela, it was quite an experience!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kel, had a great afternoon yesterday and look forward to the next high tea and hopefully they will have lemon "turds" as well xxx Kathryn

Fancy Vintage said...

Loving the cake-stand!