As I sit in my little room and look out the window, the sight of Jack trying to snuggle up to Sam as he reads in the sun, just melts my heart! I could watch Jack all day when he thinks no one is watching! His favourite warm spot is under the washing line, he gets lots of sun there! I love watching him stretch up to pick a pear off the tree, then gallop past, throwing it up in the air a few times before he holds it in his paws, in such a dainty way as he eats it! Or he pinches the small plums off the tree, then rolls in them! I laugh as he barks at a bug on the grass! Then two seconds later, he has found his blue ball and gallops up and down the yard, throwing it around and trying to catch it! He'll then take his blue ball into his kennel and I won't see him for a while. Some time later he comes out slowly, has a stretch then flops to the ground and has a good roll in the grass. He wanders over to the window, gives me a little bark, then plops down under the window and sits there until I come out. The moment I come outside, he grabs a ball, then won't bring it to me, so I have to chase him! If I don't chase him, he sort of growls at me, egging me on! He is almost 8 years old...and acts like a puppy!
Sam's parents are housesitting while we are gone. Jack will be spoilt I'm sure, but I will miss him so much.
I'm going outside to cuddle my dog now..................   

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