As the storm clouds roll in, I recieve an email from an old friend who is living in the UK. She has booked me in for a Beatles tour in Liverpool! (Paul is my favourite Beatle!) She is taking me to a polo match! (a bit posh!) And 2 days after I land, I am meeting her in London where she will take me to see Barry Manilow in concert! (woohoo!!!) I can not believe I only have 11 more working days left! 
I am so excited!!!!!


Rayanne said...

How sweet! I too am a "Paul" fan...if you see him, tell him hi for me...hehehe.
Have a wonderful time, and take lots and lots of pics!!!

jus said...

Oooh, I'm a John lover, although I saw Ringo on the TV last week and he made me roar with laughter! Have a fabulous time x