I just love going to the footy! Over 78,000 screaming and cheering fans! The anticipation, the thrill, the pace of the game, the goals....a win! And I love the Geelong Football Club! Alot. Today was the last game I'll see them play before I go to the UK...and they turned it on for me! Brilliant!
I love the footy...the best game in the world!


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Footy, as in Aussie rules? Lots of action in that game, Hope they won.

Bug and Bird said...

Yes! I am an American Expat currently living in Sydney but spent a semester in Geelong studying at Deakin in 2007 when the Cats won the premiership! Of course here in Sydney I prefer AFL over Rugby and went to the Cats vs Swans game <3 I found you through Beach Cottage Saturday's club and I thought I'd say hello! http://clayrachael.blogspot.com/