Just part of some important and very special people that will be missed lots when we leave on Tuesday to go to the UK. xxxxxxxxxx


Kathryn said...

Great photo Kelly, we had a wonderful day. Have a fantastic time and can't wait hear all about it!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

I really hope to call you before you fly away on this amazing adventure. Hope you have enjoyed packing your suitcases with lots of room for all the purchases over there!! Make the most of all the wonderful opportunities & I can't wait to read all about your adventures on here XO

Anonymous said...

I wish l had of been there with you all yesterday. Just make sure you both come home safe and sound. You are going to be missed so much by so many people. Love you Kel,Dad xo

NonnaAnna said...

Hi there Kelly,
we received your email at work today...and what's this about to all my "old work mates"!!!!! lol..
are you contemplating nanny jobs over there? is it that wonderful that you want to stay there forever? (oh wouldn't that be nice)...It sounds like you are having a hoot of a time and you've fitted in lots of sightseeing already...Work is the same we are gearing up for accreditation days next week., wish us luck, but we don't need it really as we are an awesome team!! We all enjoy your emails and pics, keep them coming..we miss you...continue to have a great time sightseeing..
love Nonna Annaxx