Just got back from yet another trip to London! Here I am in Leadenhall Market, part of the Harry Potter tour that we went on! (more about that another time!) Part of this market has been on this spot since the 14th century and some of the market was destroyed by the 'Great Fire of London'. Then it was rebuilt in 1881...oh, the history!! It is a beautiful spot. Most of the markets around London are just really pretty.
 Alot of buildings are pretty. This is Waterloo Train Station. Just gorgeous!

An amazing ornate wrought iron gate at the entrance of a building. 
I love an old building with lots of history, but I still can not resist these little food vans! So small you can just about pop it into your pocket! This is me and my friend Kirsty, getting cosy with the little icecream van!
We stumbled across this food market near the waterfront and the smells were mouth watering!
There were so many choices! We couldn't choose! Everthing looked and smelt so good! We couldn't decide!
Then finally it was quite easy to decide of what to eat! A little bit delicious!


joanna said...

Hi Kelly
So nice to meet a blogger from our neck of the woods I live in melbourne Mordialoc
stay warm today love your blog.

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

so jealous you are wearing a t-shirt & it is hailing here!!!!!!!! enjoy my friend XO p.s - send me a big email with lots more news!!!

Bug and Bird said...

looks like an amazing time~