We have just got back from a pretty little town called Chester. The town is contained in Roman stone walls and as you walk along them, they give remarkable views and an insight of a village steeped in history. 
A national treasure in the heart of Chester is the Cathedral. In this beautiful and historic place, the worship of God has been offered for over 1000 years.
I'm not too sure in what I believe, but I do believe that certain loved ones are still around, looking down on me. I lit a candle each for my mum and my pop.

No matter what you believe in, being in a church makes you feel at peace and reassured that all is good. I love the quietness and stillness of a church, and this cathedral had quite alot of visitors yet it was so peaceful, like I was the only one there.
A little bit down the road is the smaller church of St John the Baptist. This site was founded in 689AD and rebuilt and enlarged in the 10th century. They say there is a ghost of a monk who once worshipped the church and I think I caught him near the organ! I took so many photos of the same spot and a blue hue was always present, then all of a sudden, no more blue hue! Where did he go, I wonder!


Karen said...

I am SO enjoying this photo tour...

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Love these!! great captures Kelly XO

p.s - I am still to reply to your last email, sorry - awesome day for you!!!!