Just got back from the very pretty village of Bath. Oh, so pretty!
I climbed the 212 steps up the tower of Bath Abbey which gave me a bird's eye view of the town! I was able to stand on the fan vaulting of the ceiling and peer down to the floor below.
I saw the (huge!) bells that ring continously throughout the day and night and I sat inside the clock face! (very cramped, very hot!)
From the very top of the tower we could survey the old and the new as we looked across to the centuries old Roman Baths and the 'new' Thermae Bath Spa. Here you can soak away your worries in the open air rooftop pool surrounded by spectacular views across the city.

At the heart of Bath stands the remains of one of the finest spas of the ancient world! Nourished by Britains' only natural hot springs, this is where people bathed nearly 2000 years ago! The Romans built this magnificent temple that still flows with natural hot water today.
Not that you are allowed to bathe in the waters now or would really want to! A little bit murky! There are stories from way back that tell of the waters' healing powers! I did dip my hands into the (very warm!) water and secretly put it onto my tummy....we are trying to get pregnant and endometriosis is getting in the way. Infertile Queens did the same hundreds of years ago and babies arrived! If not healing, the Roman Baths were a peaceful place to sit and ponder.

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