I love discovering little places to indulge in! Places to treat yourself...just because you deserve to be treated!
Places that take you back to your childhood, when you were given 50 cents to get some mixed lollies at the milk bar.
While in Bath, I came across something just delightful. A small house that promised something special. A house that where you can climb down to the cellar and see the Roman and Medieval foundations dating back to AD200! Sally Lunn was a young French refugee who arrived in England over 300 years ago. She found employment with the local baker and introduced him to a rich, round and generous bread that would later become famous and forever associated with her name. The secret recipe which was rediscovered in the 1930's in a secret cupboard over the downstairs corner fireplace, is passed on now with the deeds of the house. The Sally Lunn buns are still made in the house today in a much more modern oven!
My afternoon tea consisted of a (huge!) warm Sally Lunn Bun, drizzled with butter and topped with clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam. Just delightful!

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Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

oh Kelly stop it!!! I loved visiting Bath way back in 1991. We ate Bath Buns - have you had one of those too? My Mum LOVES clotted cream! lucky girl XO