Last week I visited an ancient Castle. A stately home and it's gardens. The home to the Duke of Norfolk and his family. Arundel Castle has passed by descent through three related families since 1138. The present house was developed in the 18th century and holds many wonderful treasures. The garden is kept by the wife of the Duke, and it is truely magnificant! Parts of the Castle is now open to the public and unfortunately cameras are not allowed, but believe me, many rooms will take your breath away! The Dining Room, the Chapel, the Barons' Hall, the Drawing Room and oh my goodness...the Library!
To wander through Arundel Castles' grand rooms and gardens, your mind starts to dream...what if this was my own....aaahhh, if only! The Duke and his family have made the enormous Castle into a lovely cosy home. It just takes your breath away.


a Bug and Bird said...

i can only imagine, enjoy!

Pierre BOYER said...

Very nice...
I would like to visit it !
Greetings from France,