Guess where I have been!!!!!! Our last little trip to the UK and Europe was a whistlestop tour of Paris! I think I even gasped when I first saw a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower in the distance! And even after the stories of long queues to get to the top, I could not believe that we waited for only 5 minutes and we were on the lift! (mind you I was a little scared to go any further than the 2nd level!) And the views across the city were spectacular.
Being atop the Eiffel Tower was a little surreal. Something that many girls dream about, is a trip to Paris, the City of Love.
And here, just behind Notre Dame, is a testimont to why Paris is the City of Love. 'Lovers' from around the world attach a padlock to the 'Love Locks' fence, then throw the key into Sienne River. Thus promising a lifetime of enduring love for the couple. So, of course, this is what we did too!
I wrapped our padlock with ribbon in my favourite color, found a cosy spot for it with the other 'Love Locks', and after I kissed the key (Sam was not as keen to kiss the key!) the key was thrown into the river. It is a lovely tradition that my sister saw on 'Getaway' and told me about. So thankyou Jody. xxx
Even though we had purchased Metro tickets, it was a lovely sunny day and we decided to explore Paris by foot.....The Louvre......
The Arc de Triomph.......
little local markets......
and the Sacre Coar, which has the most breathtaking glassed tiled mosiacs on the ceiling of the dome.
Our trip to Paris was busy and it was a very long day, but all in all, the city was really quite lovely. And no day in Paris is complete until you have purchased a bag of macarons. Someone once said they taste much better in Paris! And they were so right! Just gorgeous!


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Oh my! I have enjoyed your whirlwind tour of Paris and knew the exact carrousel in front of la Tour Eiffel, and the lovelocks on Pont de l'ArchevĂȘchĂ© behind Notre Dame. Your b/w photos are also superbe, capturing the flavor of the city through the eyes of a photographer. Just lovely!

Thank you for your comments on my blog today.


katsicles said...
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katsicles said...

What an amazing holiday to have experienced.
Your pictures were simply breathtaking. I love the one of the Eiffel Tower and that pretty little carousel. Tre jealous
; )