On Friday, we booked a tour by speedboat to the Angthong National Marine Park. This wonder consists of 42 islands and is most beautiful. The park is about an hour and a half away from Koh Samui in quite choppy seas! Once we reached the Marine Park, our guides had fun pointing out rock formations that looked like particular objects. We saw Sydney Harbour Bridge, lots of faces and also Monkey Rock......
 The Monkey is praying....can you see him?
We attempted snorkelling at Koh Wao, which if you can not swim, is the most terrifying thing anyone can do! But the fish and the coral was so colorful and even better than you see on any travel show! After this we travelled to Talay Nai, which is a lake surrounded by an island, and we climbed up the most steepest of steps to the viewpoint and saw this.....
Words can not describe the color of this lake.....imagine being the person who discovered this!
This little creature lives with a view of the lake!
After a short boat trip we came to Koh Paluay, a small fishing village who put on the most delicious lunch for us all to enjoy!
This was our little beachfront restaurant in this almost primitive village. Parts of the island were a little tribal almost; wooden shacks, a monkey who collects the coconuts, 'fighting' roosters, pregnant but skinny dogs, dirt floors and a mat to sleep on...you wonder how anyone can live in such conditions, but everyone we saw had a smile on their face!
Finally we travelled to Song Pee Nong Beach and this time attempted to do some kayacking, which again, was a little scary. But we 'discovered' some caves in the almost peaceful waters and had some fun exploring these...from a distance!

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Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

The views and the colors are from a different palette... how incredible! The shot from your high vantage point looks like a fine gemstone mounted in green... just stunning!