Yesterday was Geelong Cup Day and even though I've only been back at work for a week and a bit after my 5 month holiday, it was so nice to have a day off! A little sleep in, then down to Ocean Grove with Jack and Sam before back home for a BBQ on the deck in the sunny, warm weather! I love taking Jack down the beach. I wish that we lived in a little shack in the dunes, that I could just open the door and watch Jack run out to the waves and chase them all day. They say if you wish hard enough, sometimes your dreams do come true....I wish so much that my head hurts!
Just look how happy he is! He would love a little house by the beach as much as we would! How can I deny his (our!) dream!


Lizzie said...

You might have run into my daughter and family at Ocean Grove yesterday, they were doing a little beach and sunshine too...
Glorious weather....finally!

Leanne said...

Doggies love the beach don't they?
I also wouldn't mind a shack on the beach!