Today I picked up my Nan and we drove down to sunny but windy Portarlington. I spent alot of my teenage years here when Nan and Pop lived in this seaside town a long time ago. 'Port' is a really lovely place where I have many memories.
We went along to the Pelargoniums Galore Sale and Garden Fete, where I chose a 'Prince Rupert' to add to the selection of vegetables and herbs I had purchased yesterday for the vegie patch. This plant has lime green verigated leaves and if you rub them, the most intense lemon smell!
After driving down memory lane and seeing Nan and Pop's old house and wishing we had of kept in within the family, we headed over to Wallington for a late brekkie. Corn fritters and a poached egg. And a hot chocolate. A bit yum. Nan had a steak and egg sandwich on sourdough bread with homemade tomatoe chutney....she didn't offer me a taste unfortunately! Even though I waited patiently!
It was a nice day to end a crappy week that both me and Nan had this week. It's Nans turn of where we eat next weekend!

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Dad said...

Sounds like you both had a lovely and relaxing day, keep smelling the roses Kel......