This is where I spent most of yesterday, where I retreated, trying to recover from the worst hayfever I have ever had. Groggy from continous sneezing, I had itchy ears and an itchy throat and for the first time ever, itchy eyes! I have tried so many things and nothing works, no relief at all! I just hate it! And today, just as bad at work! I had hayfever when we were in England too, during their summer....so I've had hayfever for about 6 months! Enough! It's exhausting! I've just had a shower and hopefully washed the hayfever away....and back on the couch to recover from my ordeal!


dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

you poor thing.i couldnt imagine anything worse.get better soon=love dee x

Hazel said...

oh I know it'a so bad at the moment-we could see the pollen flying around on Sunday at our place. luckily I take a nasal spray which keeps the symptoms under control!