This weekend was all about love and laughter.....
Me and Sam took Jack to our favourite beach for a morning walk.
It was lovely. A little chilly but the warm sun on our backs was just gorgeous.
Jack doesn't care what the weather is like....as long as he can get in the water and chase those waves! He loves the beach so much!
On Saturday I caught up with some old girlfriends and had a catch up, ate lots of beautiful food and spent the whole time laughing, well into the night. They have such infectious laughs and even though I have no idea who they are talking about, their laughter makes me laugh! We laughed so much it hurt! It was a great night.


Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

It is so good to laugh! I recently walked past a shop window that had the word laugh made with wooden letters similar to yours!! it put a smile on my face during a day that I was finding hard to smile about so I had to buy them! they are now sitting by the front door & remind me to laugh & smile more xx

Nat said...

hi, i just wanted to say thanks for popping into my blog.

i love these photos... that beach looks truly amazing! :)