(source: mirror.co.uk)

I absolutely love watching Nigella Lawson. She is an amazing London cook and whips up very simple meals anyone can cook! But I mainly watch her so I can see her lovely kitchen, full of twinkling fairy lights. It's so gorgeous. And I hope my kitchen looks half as good! So today I started my own little fairy light wonderland........
Probably not in the same league as Nigella, but still a little pretty!? My fridge has never looked better!
I love fairy lights!


Max said...

Heh heh! I'm going a little mad with the fairy lights too! Nigella's kitchen looks lovely, but have you seen Sophie Dahls-think pastel cookware and vintage wallpaper-just needs fairylights!

Sophie Isobel said...

Oh I love this! After watching her Christmas episodes, I had the same idea.
Sophie x