Snap it : 'Alphabet'
This weeks 'Snap it' theme was a little tricky Sarah! 
It was supposed to be objects that look like a letter from the alphabet, but I looked and looked through my images and I just couldn't see it! Maybe I need to change my way of thinking, change the way I take photos, change the way I see and look at objects, look at things from different angles....could be a little exciting!
Anyway, I captured this image in Barcelona in Spain last year on our little overseas holiday.
It was a gorgeous sign above the entrance of an old market. The colors were vibrant, the mosiacs and use of the glass were just stunning!


Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

beautiful mosaics. it was tricky but life isn't meant to be easy!! x

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love the mosaics. Look forward to seeing your contribution next week.

Shelley said...

A little jealous. Wish that I've been to Spain! Was defiantly a challenge this week :)

Dee said...

It was tricky wasn't it ? And then I cheated....
I love this photo - love mosaics and travel pics x
Thankyou for my comments, it is a horrible disease, but beautiful memories we have. Enjoy your long weekend x