I've been feeling a bit flat lately....
I don't know why.
Life is pretty good.
We have things we are looking forward to.
But I'm just flat.
I find myself making excuses when the girls from work asked me to a day out in Melbourne.
I'm just not motivated.....
Can't be bothered.
Very antisocial....
Sam was going for a drive to Warrnambool with his Dad to watch some local football.
He said I should have went with the girls,
but he told me to grab my camera and come for a drive....
Its just what I needed.
To fill my lungs with the sea air.
To walk.
To explore.
To clear my fuzzy mind.
To snap away with my camera and be inspired.

It was a five hour round trip to have two or so hours on my own.
It was lovely.
I miss spending time with my camera.
Hopefully I'm 'back!'
And hopefully my 'flat' days are a thing of the past.


Leanne said...

Beautiful shots, it's sometimes nice just to take some time out for yourself- I'm a big believer in photography as therapy!

Dee said...

Beautiful shots.
My theory, is that we are all so busy, that it can be hard to find those hours on our own to 'recharge' . I'm a big believer in creative alone time curing all.

And it's winter. So hard to be motivated.

Have a great week

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

I feel the same too Kelly! Social outings are sometimes hard to get motivated for. I would rather be in my pjs comfy & at home. Hope you feel better about everything soon. I will have to come over on the ferry to spend the day on QC with you & our cameras xx

Dad said...

..me too Kel, been feeling like this since coming back from seeing you guys last. I think we all need to push ourselves at times to get over the ruts. Maybe it's just the winter blues...hopefully, xo

CQ| said...

Great Pictures! I like how dogs hairs get when its wet. so cute.

Citygirl said...

I know just what you mean about feeling flat. I had something similar happen to me last week, and realized I need to write more, get out of the house more and pick up my camera again.

Here's hoping your non-flat times continue!