The sun was out, it was a lovely sunny Winters day and Jack was not impressed that he was on the lead and not going for a walk. But I had to organise something for him....
He was going to have a bath.
He was unimpressed even more.
He loves water, but not a bath.
I had to keep him on the lead, attached to a pole, otherwise he would have escaped! But he was very good, very still, even though he had a very sour look on his face.
He was 'Harry Hard Done By'
After a big wash and a big towel down, which he loves mind you, he wanted to then get back into the water....on his own terms! Not a chance buddy!
My now big old fluffy dog had to watch me clean up the aftermath before he was released!
And have a last brush.
Which he loves as well.
Laps it up!
Its a yukky photo....sorry!
And now its almost midnight and he has been inside, on the couch, in front of the heater since 6pm.
And he has not moved!
See Jack, just persist with something and it will be all good in the end!

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Hazel said...

Ha! Our two loathe being washed, yet they Love swimming in the muddy dam? He looks very handsome and clean now!