Happy Fathers Day!
I know everyone else thinks this about their own Dad,
but really,
my Dad is the best!
He is the most generous, loving and supportive Dad around.
I love talking to him and listening to the so many stories that make me laugh!
I just wish we lived closer.....
Ta for everything Dad,
and have a wonderful relaxing day!
Love you lots


Dad said...

Thanks Kell,l love you and your sister equally and hopefully l'll be around for you both for some time yet. You girls are the most important things in my life, and when things do get me down at times, my thoughts and memories of you girls being born, being little girls.....l never wanted you's to grow old...and your lives up till now, all bring a smile to my face and a warm feeling throughout.Thanks for being you....xo

Little Nan said...

See....the Best!