Snap it : 'Shiny'
My engagement ring is the most shiniest and treasured thing that I own.
Its only teeny tiny but when it hasn't got playdough in it,
 it sparkles.
I once lost the little diamond at work and it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack! No hope of finding it in amongst the sand, glitter and muck of a pre school! I had parents and children on all fours looking for it! No hope!
Sams proposal was so lovely, at our favourite beach and afterwards, Jack came out of the waves to share it with us.
And before I recieved the ring, I found my wedding ring at a little shop in Queenscliff and I couldn't believe the almost perfect match! I just knew that my engagement ring was vintage looking and a lovely rose gold.
I love them so much.......
pop over to Sarah's little blog to see lots more 'shiny' things on this rainy day  


ally said...

I love the line about the playdough!!
Lovely post Kelly

Arpi said...

Those rings are beautiful. I love that they are different and vintage looking and that they live an exciting sand-filled, play-doughy, glittery kind of existence!

Leanne Barnett said...

beautiful rings & they look lovely & shiny, and they do go together so well!

Shelley said...

They are just gorgeous Kelly. Precious.