Snippets of my Sunday....
Oh, the sun is out!
And everyone is enjoying it!
I left Jack to it and made some lunch,
Chunky bread, tomatoes from the tomatoe farm, organic cheese I found in the supermarket and cucumber from the local produce market
and tuna and mayo. Yum.
The local resident bees were loving my new lavender plants,
And Jack had woken from his slumber and loving the local resident bees!
I'm so glad the bees are out, the Spring bulbs have come into bloom,
 Sunny yellows and smiling faces.
Oh, whats not to love about Spring!?


Leanne Barnett said...

Looks like a lovely day- I love Spring too.

Maria said...

I thought....spring?? But of course you are at the other side of the world.
Yes, lovely for you, spring and summer; I think the summer is a little bit over now in Holland, although last sunday it was 25°.
Kind regards from Holland.

Naturally Carol said...

What a great back yard..it just looks like you could really relax out there..and grow things!