Snippets of my Sunday
I know that yesterday I dreamt of moving house, but I really do love our little house and garden.......
And during some lovely Spring weather, today was a very busy day.
We finally put a fence up around our vegie garden to keep little dogs out! (especially a certain one who picks the tomatoes!)
We planted a variety of tomatoes, my favourite, Grosse Lisse, as well as a Mighty Red, a Beefsteak and one called Amish Paste.
We also planted some beetroot, spinach, zucchini, lebanese cucumber, red, green and yellow capsicum and we'll have another go at some carrots (alot of trouble growing carrots in the past!)
After cleaning out the shed, mowing the lawns and giving the garden a bit of a cut back and tidy up, we set off to the beach. It has been months and months since we have been here.
It was lovely.
Poor Jack had a terrible afternoon of vomitting and hoping he wouldn't get sick in the car, we finally arrived. He was so excited to be there, I thought he was going to faint!
He just loves the beach so much.
It was a very productive Sunday and the weather was gorgeous.
Sam did a great job with the garden and I'm looking forward to eating our fresh produce really soon! Nothing is ever better than eating what we have grown ourselves!
As I picked some flowers to pop on the kitchen windowsill, snoring was heard by the backdoor and also on the couch.
After a big day, the boys were a little slooshy.


Naturally Carol said...

Hi Kelly, I'm familiar with three of your tomato varieties but never heard of Amish Paste..you'll have to let us know what they turn out like. I love that photo of Jack with his feet in the water and those amazing rocks.

Maria said...

We all have our dreams...and sometimes the green at the other side is better than you have...
Regards from Holland.

The Life of Clare said...

I love that it's summer planting time! We've just done the same! Tomatoes, beetroot, peas, spring onions! Such fun when you can pick your own things to add to a salad! And it's finally beach time!

Hazel said...

Poor Jack being so unwell. we took ours to the beach last week, but not to the long dog beach. We might have to treat them to a real beach run soon!

Anne said...

I have having home grown veggies!