I'm a believer.
Or maybe I want to believe.
Last Sunday when we went down to the beach, I took lots of photos. Alot were looking into the sun. And you know how when you take these types of images, there is always 'sun spots'
And I took photos all down the beach, but after coming home and taking a look at them I noticed something in one photo...
I took this photo right in front of Mums beach.
Right in the spot where we said goodbye after losing her to cancer.
See the purple haze?
Mums favourite color is purple.
I'm sorry, but I'm a believer.
Mum was definately there.
Kinda nice to think she was.....


Shelley said...

I'm still not sure if i'm a believer. But believer or not, if it brings you comfort why not xxx
Lovely spot x

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

Believe it if you truly do.No one can say otherwise if you are true.Does that make sense? love dee xx