A snippet of my Sunday

While Sam was filling the skip up back home with things that needed to leave our garden (and on our day off for the Geelong Cup this week, a little de-cluttering inside will be done too!)
I wandered into Portarlington to stickbeak a few Open Gardens.
 Very lovely, very inspiring.
I think while Spring cleaning our own home and garden, it makes me want to fill it with all things beautiful....so off to pick up some more vegies for the patch and off to a very retro second hand furniture store I went and I stumbled upon a treasure!
A very, very long trestle table that could sit at least 12, maybe 14 people!
 Oh, it was lovely.
I have dreams of a long wooden, vintage table that we could all sit around on Christmas Day and I think this is the one!
A little bit of sanding and a coat of oil and it could rival a table that you would find in the hills of France, one full of good food and wine!
Heres hoping its still there next weekend! Fingers crossed!


dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

table looks lovely good luck-love dee x

Hazel said...

ohh it sounds perfect, I hope it's still there next week!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

That table looks AMAZING!! Can you put it on hold?!! Go for it Kelly x