Slow Sunday.....

A very lovely Sunday.
During the week I had the first of my hayfever for the season and it was bloody awful. Developed a yukky headcold and ended up taking Thursday off from work (Friday was my RDO) so it was a long weekend sort of. And a slow weekend it was. Took 3 days of rest to finally feel normal again.
So today I picked the first of my roses that have bloomed and popped them into a big old jug.
I ordered lots of cookbooks online a few weeks ago and got comfy and gazed through the gorgeous images.
I love cookbooks.
I actually need to start using them!
But I do love looking at them.
And finally, finally....
I have started hanging some of my own images up in my little studio.
Since we painted in the house many months ago and have been de-cluttering, items have been stored in my room....and are still there. I needed to get motivated!
And after having a slow weekend, today was the day to make a start!
I thought some lace would look lovely and hung my photos with teeny tiny wooden pegs.
It does look good!
We have decided to leave most of the walls in the other rooms quite bare and fresh and fill the walls in my room with as much as I can! Like a big bear hug! I'll be surrounded by so many images that will make me smile with happy memories.
And hanging them in this way, well I can change them as much as I want. So I have started with a small corner of the room.
And I need to get around to printing off the photos from our trip over to the UK last year....
Thousands I tell you!!
But it will look lovely.
Slowly but surely.....


Max said...

you can't beat a big pile of cook books! i'm just into the whole larder love one and it's already inspired me to go get a fishing licence ( i haven't fished for years!). love nigel slater, but i think what katie ate will be next on my list. happy cooking x

Naturally Carol said...

That's a great idea for hanging photos, you could have a different display every week or two..a real gallery exhibition.

PhotoPuddle said...

That's a lovely idea for displaying photos. I must try something like that myself.