Ooohhh, I finally bought my table, mind you, just before Christmas! I do love it. Sam painted the legs for me and eventually I'll sand the top and give it a lovely coat of linseed oil and it will come up a treat!
The table was decorated in a simple style.
Lace. Vintage teacups filled with agapanthus. Old cutlery and plates.
Simple and lovely.
I stole a gorgeous idea from a magazine and hung twine and layers of tissue paper with teeny tiny wooden pegs.
I love the sound the paper makes as it rustles in the breeze.
The 'cricket pitch' was ready and the garden looked pretty good.
The vegie patch looked full and inviting, Sam had tended to our little garden really well.
Jack loved his present from Santa!
And I'm looking forward to finding a cosy spot and writing down (even more!) dreams, wishes, hopes and ideas.
 And if I do say so myself, lunch was amazing!
I cooked a beautiful roast chicken as well as potatoes, pumpkin, cauliflower with white sauce, broccoli, carrots, capsicum and even some heirloom purple carrots and lots of rich gravy!
Sams mum did some yum roast turkey, pork and lamb. Earlier she had made a plum pudding and a fruit cake.
Sams sister did a gorgeous caramel and cream sponge cake.
Before lunch there were bikkies and capsicum and feta dip, smokey bacon and caramalised onion dip, sweet chilli dip, hommus and garlic dip, goats cheese and a triple blended creamy cheese. And some fig paste and a couple bowls of salt and vinegar chips.
Its the day after Christmas and my tummy still hurts!

I hope everyone had the most loveliest of Christmas Days!
Love Kelly xxx


Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

looks amazing Kelly!! just gorgeous & all that food looks delish. Merry Christmas xxx

Susan Moore said...

Ooh I love that table too! And Jack - he looks like a right character :-)

Alicia said...

The table looks gorgeous and relaxed. I like the tissue paper idea too. I had a busy, but happy christmas day :)