'Things i Love'

I've decided to have a Tuesday theme on my little blog and its going to be 'Things I Love'
And number one would have to be being by the beach or the river and watching Jack lose himself as he chases the waves or ripples in the water.
I could watch him all day.
And he would love to be in the water all day.
Every now and again he looks up to see if I am watching or if its time to leave,
I give him a wave and he skips back into the water.
I love that I can take him somewhere that gives him so much joy.


Coal Valley View said...

Awesome photo! I feel that way about letting our Whippet Remy off the leash on the beach - it's the best and it keeps him happy for a couple of days :-) Mel x

Alison said...

I love it also, such fun.