'Things i Love'

Hello there and welcome to my Tuesdays 'Things I Love....'
And of course this week its the love of my life, my husband Sam.
(hoping that no one notices that Jack featured as my first 'love' last week!)
But this is as much as you are going to see of him unfortunately.
(This is all I'm allowed!)
The image I have chosen was taken a few years ago at Johanna Beach, along the Great Ocean Road....it was freezing....it was rainy....it was almost deserted, apart of a couple of surfers....
it is an amazing beach and on this day, it was lovely.
I love having Sam a part of my life.
He literally makes me laugh each and every day.
He is the best.

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Lesley said...

You have some beautidful shots on your site. I live in Australia too and am enjoying your Things i love series