'Slow Sunday.....'

After a little sleep in, we drove down to Barwon Heads for a walk and paddle along the river....
we did go down to Collendina beach first, but the waves were crashing in and they were so loud!
And Jack didn't like the noise they made. I think he thought it was a ship going in through the heads and he doesn't like that noise either....tail tucked between his legs! Such a scaredy cat!
So Barwon Heads was a lot quieter and calmer....
After lunch I discovered a Lilium had finally burst open! I have been waiting sooooo long for this!
A pretty pink color...good things come to those who wait
(a bloody long time!)
Two more to open....
I wonder what color they will be?
I tendered the vegie patch and I am looking forward to picking the many tomatoes that still need to turn red!
I picked some Tumbling Toms and they are little but have so much flavour!
Look! We have successfully grown some carrots!! Grown from seed and grown way too close to each other but they look good don't they!
They are such a good shape and very tasty!
Sams family got me a voucher for my 39th (I mean, my 'still' 30ish) birthday recently and I went crazy and got some gorgeous smelling cleaning products! I'm not a very good housewife but I get a little motivated to clean when cleaning products look and smell so good!
All this hard work pottering around, I rewarded myself with a few hours of daydreaming and gazing out the window....
Nothing nicer than a weekend in slow motion.

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Dee said...

I do love a slow Sunday and yours looks ideal.
Thanks for stopping by my blog - it's a funny thing with Geelong, I couldn't wait to leave as an 18 year old and now it lures me back !
Have a great week, Dee