'Things i Love'

I love packing a picnic and grabbing a good friend and wandering down to a winery,
And watching a 'Day On The Green' and soaking up the atmosphere and listening to some really good music.
This is what me and my old friend Kirsty did on Saturday.
It was so hot, over 30 degrees, but with lots of sunscreen and big straw hats we ate lots of carrots and dips and bikkies and chips and chocolate and even a bag of cherries.....
and we danced like no one was watching to the tunes of some great Aussie Rock.
It was a great afternoon that turned into a great night....
(note: these images aren't from the weekend because I wasn't allowed to take my camera in and had to run it back to the car! Boooo!!
These images are from past 'Days on The Green' where I have bopped along to Rob Thomas, INXS, Train, Norah Jones, Missy Higgins, Vanessa Amorossi and even the great Tom Jones!)


dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

i bet you had a great time.i have often thought we should go on time for a change but I hear the traffic is shocking and parking is worse-love dee x

ally said...

Oh that light looks amazing!!
Great line up you saw
We are heading over next weekend for Tim Finn/Paul Kelly/Lisa Mitchell

Alison said...

Those days are great although I don't go as much as I would like to.

Little Nan said...

No, parking and getting out afterwards was brilliant!! It was a little crazy getting in because of the steaming hot weather, I think everyone was waiting til the last minute to get there, but otherwise, so good!!!

Little Nan said...

That is one line up I do want to see! But I'm busy next weekend! I've been to Rochford Winery a few times in the past and spend a couple of nights in and around Healesville and make a real nice weekend out of it!
Oh, have fun and I hope the weather is lovely! x

Little Nan said...

Oh, they are so fun! I'm going to make the effort and go alot more I've decided! (and drag anyone who is interested with me!)