'Things i Love'
I love boarding the ferry over to Sorrento and meeting my dear friend Sarah and having a catch up that is way overdue....
Today we sat and chatted and talked and laughed over a gorgeous brownie (and ice cream!) and hot chocolates and were in no hurry to move.
Conversations of what we had been up to and conversations of upcoming events and then lots of conversations that involved our dreams and wishing we had an old shop of our own,
 full of books, hot chocolate and lovelyness....
and a view of the beach.
A lovely day.
Thanks Sarah


Allison said...

that brownie is serious business!!...the water looks devine! x

Little Nan said...

It was the best thing I have ever eaten!! No joke.

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

It was a fun day full of yummi food & great conversation & bargains!! I'll set sail & come over to you soon! xx