Slow Sunday.....
A welcome relief of rain this weekend after horrible hot and dry weather.
A day of housework.
The house has been really messy and badly needed a dust and tidy up, but the heat has been in the way of that chore, I mean job.
Flowers picked and arranged,
And new sheets upon the bed and pillows fluffed up.
Looking forward to (finally!) a restful and cosy sleep.
But first, a big bowl of veal stroganoff for tea......


Leanne Barnett said...

beautiful shot of the storm cloud over the ocean, great to have a slow Sunday, mine has been rather busy.

Bella Mills said...
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Bella Mills said...

I like how you photographed your bed. Very interesting angle, it looks so inviting and warm :) Lovely blog post for me to stumble across before work.
P.S. The storm shot really is amazing- :)
Bella @ Sea and Salt xxx

Dad said...

..nice shells..