A lovely long Easter break,
lots of chocolate eggs
and some relaxation.....
A visit to the Melbourne Comedy Festival on Friday night
and watching Geelong beat Hawthorn today from the comfort of the couch
All sort of yummyness,
from lovely fish and salad with family and a Easter Egg hunt
to a hearty BBQ lunch for just the two of us
Some time in the garden....
Pa's agapanthus gave a beautiful show over the Summer,
but are starting to look a little shabby now,
so a good tidy up, ready for their next performance
After a big walk along the rail trail with Jack,
We came home to watch the Rip Curl Pro from Bells Beach on the box
and saying again,
we really should go next year.....
And as we watched the surf,
We booked flights to Amsterdam, to Copenhagen, to Stockholm, to Prague, to Berlin.....
and looking at Italy and Paris and London and all sorts of quirky hotels......
just a little organising for our trip coming around really soon,
counting down for our next holiday......

It was a lovely long weekend,
hope yours was too


Al said...

I want my weekend to have these photos!!!...especially the last one! x

ally said...

oooh - your trip sounds amazing!!
lovely weekend all round really

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