Slow Sunday.....

Today Sam had to go to Bendigo for a footy thing so I went along to explore the town......
Bendigo is a really pretty town,
 full of old buildings from the goldrush days,
And on every hour, bells rang out across the city,
it was really lovely to hear
I found lots of spots to sit and ponder
and watch the world go by,
ever so quietly
A relaxing day,
just what I needed.....
And I want to wish the love of my life,
A very Happy Birthday today....
Love you lots Sam xx
(photo not taken in Bendigo! This was in Venice a couple of years ago
NOTE: best pizza ever!) 

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Miss Prudence said...

i enjoy pottering around bendigo too, I love wandering through the grave yard, and isn't that huge fountain in the centre of town amazing!