Yesterday was Mothers Day and a day spent with my dear old Nan.
We ventured down to Queenscliff to a new little shop called Ginger Mai. It was very quirky, full of vintage buntings, teacups and vintage plates. Very homely.
We used to go to the old café that was in its place with Mum a number of years ago and we made sure we had a table with three seats.
I had a very tasty BLT on a gorgeous plate, but unfortunately (after I asked them not to) there was avocado in it, hidden away. So very nice, but my tummy just does not agree with it and I am off work today, still suffering!
Then a small wander down to the Chocolate Room for a warm hot chocolate and to share an apple crumble cake.
It was a lovely day and I wish Mum was with us, although we may have had to order a bigger cake!
I miss Mum terribly


Miss Prudence said...

Sorry you are missing your mum - mum's are simply irreplaceable. Glad you had your Nan to enjoy the day with

Coal Valley View said...

So sorry you have lost your Mum, it must be such a hard day for those that no longer have their Mum's in their life for whatever reason. But so wonderful you spent it with your Nan in what looks like a truly beautiful day x