'Things i Love'
I love Sams Mums Lasagne!
So good.
She surprises me every now and again and leaves a tray of it in the outside fridge with a little note.
So good.
I can not make it any where close to as good as she makes it!
It is so good.
Its a lovely surprise to come home, tired and can not be bothered and finding a tray of yummyness in the fridge.
So good.
Right, pop the heater on, jump into my pajamas and its lasagne for tonights dinner.
Thanks Noelene xxx


Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Lucky things!! looks amazing!

Miss Prudence said...

Noelene rocks!
I am so jealous!

ally said...

Wish I had a Noelene!!
This looks fabulous

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

You are very lucky to get little treats like this.Puts a smile on your face hey-love dee x