Slow Sunday
Not many Sundays left until we leave Down Under and explore Europe for six weeks.
So we were all up early to get a little 'match fitness' for our holiday by walking near Bells Beach.....
It was a lovely walk through the scrub which opened up to a gorgeous view of the beach at Point Addis
Jack had no concept that the beach was a long way down and I'm sure he was trying to work out how to get down to the water!
Look at him....
no, I wasn't doing anything wrong!
So on the lead he went.....
He just couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to get down to the beach....it was such a big drop, a good 50 metres.
I took so many photos of Jack,
you could see his mind ticking over,
thinking, if they just let me off the lead,
I can get down there....
Sorry buddy,
too dangerous....
I want to enjoy a whole heap more of these walks together!


ally said...

He looks so happy!!
Who is lucky enough to be looking after him when you go on your big adventure?
Have a great week

Little Nan said...

Jack may have a few sleep overs at my in laws house, otherwise he'll be visited lots! He'll love the attention and probably won't miss us at all!!
You have a lovely week too x