Weekend Wonderings.......
Hhhhmmmmm, having the Winter Blues.....
big time.
Ever since we got back from our holiday a month ago,
it seems grey,
and everyone is flat
and unmotivated
and just not happy.
And it just brings you down too.
I am just exhausted.
And feel like I haven't had a holiday at all.
And after long, long and draining weeks,
I value my weekend.
On my weekends,
I can see Spring coming....
and I feel calmer,
and relaxed
and happy
and motivated to feel like this,
 even during the week,
 not just on my weekend.
And as I sit
and ponder,
I have realised that dreams need to be chased.
After many years of trying and approaching my 'cut off' date,
I have taken on getting Acupuncture and drinking a terrible  tea of herbs, to having one last ditch of adding to our teeny tiny family.
If not, it will let my body feel relaxed and get me through the greyness of the working week and then I can enjoy the small bursts of Spring.
And also maybe dabble in a course or two and see where it takes me career wise.....
things are a little inspiring.
So goodbye Winter Blues,
Springtime is the time for new beginnings.


ally said...

Yes - banish those winter blues and look forward with hope and big plans
Good luck

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

I will be thinking of you-love dee x

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Chase the rainbow Kelly!! I hope your dreams come true. Big time xxx p.s we must catch up over a hot choc or 2 sometime xx

Miss Prudence said...

Oh I know what you mean! Last year we went to Paris - having never been to Europe before, everything was new and it was go go go!!!!!!! I felt so exhausted after it! But yay! Spring has sprung!