Slow Sunday.....
A very rare weekend when Sam is home.
No playing footy.
No playing cricket.
Time spent together.
The weather provided some sunny moments and we took advantage of that,
spending time in the garden.
Sam prepared the vegie patch and we planted cauliflower, beetroot, carrots, both orange and purple,
 and five different tomatoe plants.
A Grosse Lisse, a Burkes Backyard Italian Tomatoe, a Truss Plum and Heirloom varieties Amish Paste and Mortgage Lifter.
Our pear and our apple trees are starting to blossom,
Jack will be happy,
he's usually the only one who eats them!
And he's happy that Springtime has bought the bees.
He could watch them all day,
hence why I have planted many more small different types of lavender
all in one spot.
While out the front, our seaside daisies are looking very bright,
although we are wondering why and how they have jumped from the garden bed and onto our garden path......
I love this time of the year.
The sun is a little warmer,
the days are getting a little longer.
It is a time of new and unexpectant discoveries.
Its been a lovely and long weekend
with lots of laughter.
The best type of weekend to have

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