A long week,
so a weekend for me.
The weather outside was quite warm, but terribly windy and this had finally bought on that dreaded hayfever,
so I was feeling all stuffed up.
So a weekend
just for me.
Time to indulge,
time to relax,
time to dream....
I came home with, yet, some more fabric.
And after telling the owner of a small fabric shop close to home,
that I had dreams of sewing gorgeous quilts,
but have no idea how to set up my brand new, 3 year old sewing machine, still in its box,
let alone actually know how to sew!
Well, she has invited me along, with my sewing machine to nut it all out!
I am so, so excited!
Stay tuned......!!!!!
I have been having Acupuncture for a little while now to help with girly stuff (and now hayfever!)and I have to drink yukky herbs in a tea.
Really yuk.
So I treated myself to a gorgeous new kettle,
(and even though I already had a toaster, I had to buy a matching one!)
So brand new pretty things to hopefully help the tea go down a little easier!
Hhhhmmmm, now I need a new kitchen to match my new small appliances!
Back to bed,
with some magazines for inspiration,
and a little more daydreaming.
(a big thankyou to Dad for helping out with my new kettle and toaster,
and a big thankyou to Sams Aunty Kate,
she just proves that there is nothing wrong with buying very fancy small appliances!
I love my new kettle! Its gorgeous!!!


Elsie and Joan said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping past my place and leaving a comment. Upon reading this post, I suspect we might have a little bit in common. My blog is named after my two Nana's - major influences on my life and I cherish them SO much. I received my Frankie 2014 diary last week, I too have growing fabric stash but am yet to properly learn how to sew! Also snaps on the accupuncture for girly things, although that one is less of a high five and more of an understanding nod ;-) Needless to say, I love all of these pics, it sums up a perfect weekend to me. Hope the hay fever settles down soon. So nice to 'meet' you. Belinda x

Miss Prudence said...

looking forward to seeing your pending creations!

Anne Downing said...

I bought myself a sewing machine not long ago and have only made one thing!!! Look forward to seeing your creations!