The last two weekends have been a blur really.
As I said on Friday, my laptop was engulfed with a horrible virus and my computer hacked and I got sucked in and even gave out our credit details, silly, and the thought of losing everything was overwhelming.
But thank goodness to Sams brother in law Justin,
the lifesaver of all things technical!
I don't know how he did it, but he removed the virus and saved all of my photos.....all 16,400 of them!
Backing up is so, so important and I need to do it a whole heap more!
Justin literally rebuilt my laptop and as I said, was a lifesaver!
(and cards were cancelled etc and just so stupid to fall for it!)
So having a week without my laptop, my weekends have been busy with healthy breakfasts with Sam, yummy brunches with old friends and not so healthy high teas with my Nan, but all so delicious.....
very delish.
Brunch was
French toast with poached pears, nut crumble and vanilla bean icecream,
so, so good.
High Tea at Van Loons Nursery was
coriander pesto arancini balls,
shitake mushroom and chinese cabbage spring rolls,
egg and caramelized onion mini quiches,
Lonsdale tomatoe and basil bruschetta,
milk chocolate mousse,
rockyroad topped chocolate cupcakes,
mini chocolate eclairs,
raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake,
dipping chocolate with fruit and marshmellows and
dark chocolate pistachio fudge.
My goodness yum.
(note to self, next high tea, no brunch beforehand!) 
The weather has been sometimes glorious and my roses are looking and smelling gorgeous.
Its actually been a good thing to not be on the computer and being out in the garden and discovering all sorts of loveliness.
And trying to figure out where to (hide) put my two new roses amongst the crowd of 13 I already have in such a small space.
(not counting the 8 or so I have out the front!)
They are looking as good as the roses at Flemington during the Spring Racing Carnival,
if not better!
And smell aaaaamazing!
How can I stop them from 'following me home' every time I visit the local Nursery?
Or maybe I could 'redesign' the garden bed so they all fit in nicely,
and Sam won't even notice!
Hhhhmmmm.......let me think........

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